Kids & Teens

Summer Language Immersion Programs

Start your kids on a language and cultural journey through the Berlitz Kids & Teens Summer Program.

This completely immersive program is a great way for your child to learn and have fun exploring language and culture! Children learn to speak their new language naturally in a fun and effective way with the Berlitz Method™, a highly conversational method that gets them talking from the very beginning.

Enjoy creative and cross cultural activities including games, songs, and arts and crafts all while using the target language! Spend the day engaging with peers, playing, learning, and developing skills that could one day take your child on a real global adventure.

Program Details

Languages:  French & Spanish
Dates:         June 19-29, 2018
 July 9-20, 2018
 August 6-17, 2018
Times:       9:45 am-12:00 pm
Locations: available at participating Berlitz Language Centers

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