GSA Approved Military Language Learning Courses

GSA Multiple Award Schedule Contractor 


For over 140 years, Berlitz has been training civilian and military personnel alike to become better prepared and more effective in meeting their job requirements through language learning and cross-cultural training. With a global network of more than 500 Language Centers in over 70 countries, we work where you are posted and stationed.

Berlitz is a turnkey solution for training to the same exact standards and measures worldwide, and can also deliver centralized reporting for global training and testing initiatives. No other company is better prepared to help your Civilian Agency personnel and/or Armed Forces members succeed.

GSA Approved

  • Berlitz is approved for Language Contract #GS-10F-0138T.
  • Look for us at and click SERVICES on the drop down next to the search bar, using the search words “Berlitz International” to find us.
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(The Consultant) … was fantastic - he added valuable experience & real-life examples to the underlying facts & figures of the program. Ultimately, he began to bridge the cultural gap, by making you more comfortable with your outside surroundings.

Cultural Consulting Student