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Accredited Language Courses That May Be Covered By Your Company's Tuition Assistance

Since 1878, Berlitz has helped millions of businesspeople achieve success in language learning. We are pleased to partner with RTC to bring our experience and expertise to the organization’s students. RTC courses delivered by Berlitz qualify for most company tuition assistance programs, and each course earns a minimum of 3 credits.

RTC courses delivered by Berlitz include:

English Language Advanced Skills Communication Courses

The courses can be delivered at a Berlitz Language Center, your place of business or online via the Berlitz Virtual Classroom.

Pronunciation Enhancement 
Our goal in the Pronunciation Enhancement Program is to neutralize the student’s accent and eliminate sounds his or her has carried over from students native language. This program includes high-level pronunciation, intonation and fluency work. The idea is to make oral production more fluid, clear and accurate within a business context.

Professional Business Communication
This course allows the student to build confidence by incorporating a wider selection of words into one’s working vocabulary. The exercises in the curriculum facilitate clearer expression of ideas and more concise explanations in a spontaneous manner. Emphasis ranges from social to more professional contexts depending on the student’s requirements.

Presentation Skills
Many skills practiced in this course of the Advanced English Skills Program are techniques that native speakers learn in similar courses. One of the primary differences is that there will be a heavy emphasis on eliminating incorrect sounds and patterns one has carried over from their native language. Some sessions may include video recording practice presentations throughout the program so that we may use this as a tool to track progress.

Professional Business Vocabulary and Socializing
In this course, we focus on identifying specific “bad habits” in word order and grammar in order to fine tune written expression, fluency and speaking accuracy. The exercises will target very specific structures and attempt to reverse fossilized incorrect language.

Languages Courses

The following RTC courses are available in a wide range of languages and include options for face-to-face study as well as live online instruction delivered via the Berlitz Virtual Classroom.

Private Course
A private course is a smart option for business people who require individual attention and want to learn at their own pace on their own schedule. You’ll spend 100% of the time learning — with 50% dedicated to listening and 50% to speaking. This course can be delivered at a Berlitz Language Center or at your place of business.

Immerse & Converse Course
Immerse & Converse is an intensive private training program, geared towards business professionals who need to learn a new language quickly. Individuals learn to communicate in business and social settings in as little as one to two weeks in the 6-day course and two to four weeks in the 12-day course. Scheduling is flexible, offering the choice of either a full-day program or a half-day program according to your needs. This course can be delivered at a Berlitz Language Center only.

Virtual Private Course
The same personal care found in our language classrooms is taken one step further with our live language lessons over the Internet. Live virtual learning allows students to take live instruction in their home, office or anywhere with Internet access. The intensity of the interaction, without other distractions, makes this particularly effective.
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To get started, you can either download the Registration Form and fill it out according to the instructions or download and review the Applying for Admission Instructions and Web Registration documents. Then, simply visit to register online. If you need additional step-by-step instructions click here. For frequently asked questions click here. A Berlitz representative will contact you once we have reviewed your application, usually within 3 working days.

I have only words of praise for the cultural consultant assigned to me and my husband. The material covered and the topics we discussed were very relevant to our move and how we can best deal with it. The consultant was very warm and understanding, yet also very knowledgeable and professional. I left today's meeting feeling encouraged and empowered!

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