The limits of your language are the limits of your world

Berlitz Face-to-Face Instruction® is the standard by which language learning is measured. Multilingualism is becoming an increasingly essential skill for anyone wanting to keep pace with the trending proliferation of the global economy. While the advantages offered through virtual learning are plentiful, face-to-face training and interaction provide a dynamic relationship between instructor and student as well as amongst small groups of students. You will unquestionably find the face-to-face opportunity you seek with our Total Immersion®, Private, or Small Group instruction formats.
  • Learn to speak, listen, and think in your new language quickly and easily
  • Language lessons are offered in more than 50 languages
  • Appropriate for beginners to advanced levels
  • Total Immersion®, private, or small group instruction
  • Immediate feedback from native-fluent instructors
  • Personalized instruction to your goals, style, and timetable
  • Courses use the proven Berlitz Method®, to learn a language in a natural, conversational design
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