Learning Cycle

Quality Assurance Throughout The Learning Program

The Berlitz Learning Cycle was developed as a quality-assurance process to ensure consistent delivery of the Berlitz Method® and make certain that each student reaches the proficiency level defined by their needs analysis. Berlitz uses standardized proficiency levels in order to assess each student’s current level of language ability and measure their progress as they move through their program. No other language-training provider offers this level of service.

The stages of the Learning Cycle are:

Berlitz Learning Cycle

  1. Needs Analysis: This determines the Berlitz Proficiency Levels needed to attain personalized goals and helps set expectations for the program.
  2. Program Recommendation: This provides students with a recommendation for the amount of training needed to bridge their linguistic gaps.
  3. Orientation: This gives students the opportunity to meet instructors and receive program materials, including a roadmap for how the program works.
  4. Counseling & Progress Report: Throughout training, students have the opportunity to review and assess their progress through formal progress reports and counseling sessions with the Language Instructional Supervisor.
  5. Level Checks: Once students have completed each proficiency level, they can take advantage of achievement tests to see how well they have mastered their program before moving on to the next level.
  6. Certificate: Students get acknowledgement for achievement of each proficiency level.
  7. Challenge to Next Level: Goals for continued learning are reassessed, and the students are challenged to move to their next proficiency level.

Throughout the Learning Cycle, the program is periodically monitored by the Berlitz Center's Manager of Instruction for quality control.

I studied French many years ago in High School. I loved it passionately, and always wanted to pick up my studies again, but 4 children and life kind of got in the way. When my daughter, who is a French major in college, decided to study abroad in Paris, I decided it was time for me to pick up my dusty old dream and take French. Now, I have a great feeling of accomplishment, as well as a new and clearer vision of a culture and language that has enriched my life immeasurably. I love Berlitz, and I love my French. Thanks to Berlitz for bringing such a gift into my life.

Julie Nelson - Atherton, CA

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