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CyberTeachers Live

English Learning Instruction

CyberTeachers Live is the tutor-assisted version of our online program for business English learning.

CyberTeachers Live provides you with unlimited access to a live tutor 5 days a week, 24 hours a day. At the click of a button, contact a Live Coach who will appear on your screen and answer your questions, or you take part in open conversations monitored by a teacher.

CyberTeachers Live is suitable for:

  • Beginner/Elementary levels: students with very little or no knowledge of the new language.
  • Intermediate levels: students lacking confidence when using the language.
  • Advanced levels: students wishing to master the language and maintain consistent practice.

CyberTeachers Live Technical Requirements

CyberTeachers Live is an optional add-on to any CyberTeachers program — Currently available for English.

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