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Civilian and Military Cultural Assimilation Programs

Berlitz Civilian and Military Cultural Assimilation Seminars provide practical aspects of day-to-day life during foreign assignments and deployment. Our programs are designed to benefit civilian and military personnel by providing tools and hands on training for an effective overseas assignment or deployment, and addressing a full range of skills and perspectives that support an individual’s ability to work within an intercultural environment.

Program topics include:

  • Etiquette and protocal
  • History, government, and societal overview, and how these influence current daily perspective
  • Values that apply to leadership functions and social interactions
  • Intercultural communication skills such as formal and informal networking, subordinate/boss relationships and strategies for the Cultural Adjustment Process

In addition, programs are available for personnel’s spouses and children.

Why choose Berlitz?

The Berlitz Cultural Consulting approach addresses three components— Civilian and Military Culture, National Culture and the Individual Perspective—that impact global personnel effectiveness when conducting international assignments or deployments. Our programs develop culturally competent personnel through the use of effective strategies to navigate the interplay between these components. Equipped with globally dynamic skills and cross-cultural insight, assignees can focus on realizing an organization's international goals as soon as they arrive in their new destination.

More reasons to choose Berlitz:

  • Berlitz is GSA Schedule approved for Language Contract #GS-10F-0138T.  Look for us at using the search words “Berlitz International”
  • Berlitz has helped the world communicate through leadership and innovation in language and cultural services for more than 130 years
  • Berlitz is the world’s premier provider of language training and cultural consulting services, with more than 550 Berlitz Learning Centers in 70 countries
  • Berlitz offers Civilan agencies and Armed Forces branches a flexible range of online and face-to-face language training programs to meet their needs and budgets
  • Only Berlitz offers language instruction based on the conversational Berlitz Method®

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