Language Instruction

Language Instruction and Professional Development for Schools

Berlitz fosters the growth of imaginative, creative, abstract thinkers

Children are, without question, the best equipped among us to accomplish the complexities of learning a new language. Berlitz has provided contract language education services to public, private, and parochial schools for more than 25 years. Berlitz works with your budget and schedule to create tailor-made programs by providing supervision, assessment, student and teacher materials, and feedback. The Berlitz Method® is a natural, engaging way for students to learn a new language.

Berlitz offers both instruction as well as professional development for schools. Whether you want to improve curriculum or student performance, or support for your foreign language staff, Berlitz can offer a solution.
  • Teacher vacancy coverage
  • World language programs for students ages 3-17
  • English as a Second Language (ESL) instruction for groups of children or private tutoring
  • Teacher/staff development including instruction on how to use the Berlitz Method in the classroom
  • Enrichment and cultural programs for students and faculty
  • Language testing and assessment
  • Before and After School Programs

The Berlitz instructors have a lot of depth as people, in addition to their teaching ability. They engage me in a way that is extremely effective.

Jack Levin, Arbitrator and mediator

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