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Language + Culture = Global Success

Whether your company is looking to expand business through mergers and acquisitions, succeed in new market abroad, or improve communication within a global workforce, Berlitz Corporate Language and Cultural Consulting partners with your organization to achieve performance objectives and a return on investment.

Berlitz Corporate Language and Cultural Consulting has over 139 years of experience in training the world's leading organizations to develop global competence in a complex and competitive environment. We know that employees want training to fit their schedules. Organizations want training to fit their budget. With Berlitz, you can have both.
  • Programs customized to address skill requirements, time and budget, and to reflect business needs
  • Programs scalable from key executives to entire multinational workforce
  • Maximize individual and organizational performance by equipping talent with practical tools and techniques necessary to live and work in a multicultural environment

Berlitz delivers an expansive portfolio of programs designed to help develop a global workforce and leadership.
  • Corporate Language Training for all levels available face-to-face or instructor-led online
  • Business Communication Skills to equip non-native English speakers to become effective leaders in the global business arena
  • Language Assessment & Testing in all languages, delivered in any time zone
  • Translation, Localization and Interpretation in all languages with accurate and reliable results
  • Cultural Coaching to identify behavioral styles that will increase an executive’s ability to effectively lead, manage, and communicate
  • International Assignment Programs support a successful transition for assignees and their families
  • Repatriation to leverage global knowledge and skills when transitioning back to the home office

I was very satisfied with the results of the Berlitz cultural training session. As a native English speaker (US) I was somewhat skeptical at receiving cultural training for another culture/country who's first language is also English (UK), but after spending time "In-Country" interacting with the people I realized that effective communication entails more than simply opening one's mouth! I was extremely pleased with the professionalism of (the Consultant)... who conducted the training sessions for my wife and myself. I highly recommend Berlitz cultural training to any and all ISP business persons regardless if they are on their first or tenth international assignment.

Cultural Consulting Student

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