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Individual, Team & Organizational Leadership Training

Berlitz Global Leadership Training creates Global ready Leaders, Teams and Workforces.

The Global Ready Leader will create a true source of competitive advantage for his or her own initiatives, projects and career.

The Global Ready Team will compete and execute more effectively in a global environment and context.

The Global Ready Workforce will unlock a source of true competitive advantage and become ready to succeed in a worldwide marketplace characterized by complexity.

Preparing organization to move to the next level of maturity following tech- nology and innovation integration: cultural integration

Enhanced capabilities to accelerate supply chain/ alliance/ channel management, mergers & acquisitions, and joint venture programs

Managing effective knowledge transfer within organizations

Building cohesion and alignment

Employee engagement and retention
Facilitation and acceleration of Global Teaming/Rapid Teaming

Successfully leading and/or participating as an effective member of global teams

Overcoming specific cross-cultural communication barriers that inhibit effective teamwork

Acquiring effective team practices such as multi-cultural and meeting management skills for both face-to-face and virtual meetings

Leveraging diversity to generate outstanding performance

Maximizing employe satisfaction

Generating short-term results

Removing the necessity of proximity to work effectively–making the matrix work
Increased ability to manage ambiguity and lead/ participate in global teams

Developing capabilities which are real, not theoretical – and can be applied immediately following development

Increasing productivity

Reducing stress

Enhancing perspective

Increasing participation and belonging

A Global capability set for life

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