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GLT Facilitator-Led Solutions

Berlitz helps businesses worldwide leverage differences and similarities for maximum performance to reduce risk, enhance innovation and effectiveness.  We focus is on six levels of culture to assure your company operates at maximum performance whatever your business challenge. These include:

  • National/Societal - it is essential to understand the unique "culture" of each nation or society.
  • Social Identity Group - it is critical to account for the cultures of each ethnic, religious, demographic or psychographic group.
  • Leadership TrainingOrganizational - each organization is said to have its own culture, making mergers and acquisitions and global matrix teams difficult to manage effectively.
  • Functional - to build cross-functional effectiveness and collaboration, addressing functional cultures within organizations is essential.
  • Team - team effectiveness requires understanding the culture of the team members.
  • Individual  - each person has their own unique culture. Operating within any organization, employees must be culturally developed for maximum individual and organizational growth.

Our facilitator-led programs help organizations build the competencies essential for today’s global workforce.

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