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Cultural Insights: Key to Global Success — Free Webinar Series from Berlitz

The Berlitz webinar series helps business leaders leverage cultural differences for global success.

Berlitz experts provide practical, useful information to help avoid cultural pitfalls that can derail negotiations, customer relations or the success of intercultural teams.

Gain useful insights to help you be an effective leader, run meetings, negotiate deals or lead teams notwithstanding cultural differences.

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Culturally Competent Teamwork

April 20th, 2016 - 11:30-12:15 EDT

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What is behind some of the challenges global teams experience when working together? We have found that the top three critical misunderstandings on global teams are the misalignment of goals and priorities, the confusion around the roles of team members and the rules of engagement within the group. In this session we will drill down deeper into how culture influences these themes and how we have helped our clients work through these challenges to create successful, highly functioning teams.

Join us to learn what successful global teams are doing to maximize their performance.


David Severance is a Senior Consultant for Berlitz Cultural Consulting and a certified Executive Coach who helps executives and teams achieve high performance and effectiveness in the face of cultural challenges.

David’s extensive experience solving international business challenges is in high demand by international executives who need to find ways to quickly and effectively relate with and influence those who come from cultures vastly different from their own.


Negotiating Across Borders

May 19th, 2016 - 11:30 – 12:15 EDT

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Why do people from different cultures negotiate differently? The number one cause of failed negotiations originates from a contrasting source of Legitimacy or Justification. With some wild examples we will illustrate how this can easily happen, even to the most sophisticated or powerful company and what to do to make sure it does not happen to you or your company next time. We will focus on the two important elements of negotiation - Power and Compromise and put them into a cultural context. And as a bonus, we will touch on the core 7 arguments you will encounter 99% of the time and how to counter their efficacy.

Join us to explore the cultural causes of difference and how those differences can crash head on if we are not mindful and well prepared before starting to negotiate.


Matthew Hill is a Senior Consultant for Berlitz Cultural Consulting, an author and professional speaker. Matthew has worked with more than 18,500 executives in 30 countries representing more than 80 nationalities. He has contributed the first chapter to Bloomsbury’s new book, “How to Master Negotiation” published in 2015 and has released a 5 CD boxed set on negotiation “Get More from More; Negotiate to the MAX.”



Taking care of customers virtually across the globe: what could possibly go wrong?

June 23rd, 2016 - 11:30 – 12:15 EDT

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Does your organization truly understand what international consumers value in terms of service?  We are well into the era of global business and competition in existing as well as growing consumer markets is intensifying. Technology allows us to communicate, collaborate and provide services instantaneously 24/7 with co-workers and customers in almost any part of the world. But do you have the cultural skill set and know-how that will allow you to be truly productive, provide the best customer service, and make the most of the technology that supposedly connects us? Understanding cultural values, behaviors and attitudes regarding service expectations and a working knowledge of social protocol and etiquette in various cultures is essential for success in today’s global marketplace.

Join us to learn more about the cultural expectations of “excellent customer service,” from the perspectives of both the provider and the consumer.


Sue Shinomiya specializes in international business effectiveness, intercultural communication, and global virtual team success for corporations and organizations.

Her current work includes leading cross-cultural coaching, training and webinar sessions related to Asia, North America, and Europe, as well as on leadership, virtual management and customer service. She has conducted a series of webinars focusing on North American culture and customer service for call center agents in Eastern Europe.

She has spent nearly a decade working and living in Japan, speaks Japanese and is the co-author of the book Business Passport to Japan: Maximizing Your Success in the 21st Century.



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