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SLTI Language Test Development

About Second Language Testing Inc. (SLTI)

 Second Language Testing
Founded by Dr. Charles Stansfield in 1994, SLTI is the first company of its kind, focusing solely on the development of language proficiency and performance tests, as well as the translation and/or adaptation of large-scale assessments into other languages. SLTI has developed language tests in over 50 languages for state and federal government agencies in the U.S. and for international agencies, organizations and corporations.

SLTI joined the Berlitz family in early 2011 and is now able to provide a full-service customized test development, administration and scoring to Berlitz clients worldwide.

The Test Development Process

SLTI is committed to excellence in all aspects of the test development process and will work with you at every step to ensure that the assessment created meets your needs in terms of design, delivery and budget. The graphic below shows the steps that are normally required to develop a customized test of language skills.

An important factor that contributes to SLTI’s ability to deliver high-quality assessments is the development of a customized Quality Control Plan (QCP) for each project. This QCP outlines the procedures that will be used by SLTI in order to ensure the delivery of high quality materials that are accurate and complete, meet client specifications and are delivered on time and within budget.

Test Administration and Delivery

Since different assessments require different solutions, SLTI carefully considers the client’s objectives and context to recommend appropriate test administration vehicles including online, face-to-face, and over the phone, as well as  paper-and-pencil assessments. SLTI utilizes a number of different test delivery engines to deliver online tests. Some engines are proprietary and some are owned and managed by professional test delivery companies that specialize in Internet-based test delivery. 

Qualifications of SLTI Personnel

SLTI’s President, Dr. Charles Stansfield, is an authority on second language testing and was awarded the International Language Testing Association’s Lifetime Achievement Award in 2007. He has developed and published proficiency tests in ESL and in 15 other languages. He is the author or editor of over a dozen books and research monographs and 60 research articles published in professional journals. Dr. Stansfield selects and leads the team of Project Managers at SLTI.

SLTI’s Project Managers (PMs) are committed to fulfilling the requirements of any project. They have both academic and practical knowledge of translation and interpretation, second language teaching and learning, language proficiency testing, applied linguistics and adult education. SLTI PMs possess advanced degrees in linguistics, language acquisition, education and translation.  They are trained in a variety of different proficiency scales, including the Canadian Language Benchmarks and the Common European Framework of Reference.

This specialized team is relied upon for the professional development of tests for government agencies, corporations and other testing companies around the world.

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