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  • Beyond It’s Raining & It’s Hot Out: The Language of Weather

    Berlitz Blog: Beyond It’s Raining & It’s Hot Out: The Language of WeatherJust as you can expect to learn the present tense or how to describe yourself and family members in any beginning level language class, it’s a pretty safe bet to say you’re probably going to learn weather expressions, too.

    Let’s take a look at some of the weather related vocabulary Americans use beyond the words and expression typically introduced in the English classroom. How many do you recognize? 

  • Do Not Under-Estimate the Cultural Differences

    Image of an American woman embracing the cultural differences of the UK Americans have a tendency to celebrate the similarities between themselves and other cultures. This is particularly the case when they experience travel to English speaking countries like Canada, Scotland, England and New Zealand to name a few. They often focus on the most easily observed commonalities: shared language, familiar food and like minded fashion among others.

  • 6 Phrasal Verbs for the Office

    People using everyday office lingo i.e. phrasal verbsThe following are everyday phrasal verbs you might hear around the office.  Take a mental note each time you hear one and before you know it, you’ll be using them, too.

  • 3 Common English Expressions with “Used to”

    An old phone we used to useThese 3 commonly used English expressions may look similar, but each has a different meaning.  

    Read an explanation of when and how to use each in everyday English conversation.

  • 3 Phrasal Verbs For Arriving Late

    Running late for the trainLet’s face it. No matter how hard we try to get to where we need to be on time, inevitably it just doesn’t always happen. Traffic, your kids, even yourself might be why. But regardless the reason, the following phrasal verbs are all related to the theme of arriving late, and are quite common in everyday conversational English.

    Which ones are you familiar with?

  • Common English Phrasal Verb: "To Give It Away"

    Phrasal verb to give it awayAnother commonly used phrasal verb in English- ‘to give it away.’  Aside from it’s literal meaning, to give it away can also mean to reveal something you shouldn’t have, something that was meant to be kept secret.

    Click to read more about when to use it.

  • Come Over or Stop By – Phrasal Verbs for the Holiday Season

    How to use the phrasal verb come over or stop byWith the arrival of the holiday season comes a good deal of conversation about all those holiday visitors who will be ringing our doorbells in the upcoming weeks wishing to celebrate with us.  

  • 3 Traits Employers Are Not Looking For


     It's an incredibly competitive job market out there. It's also an increasingly global business  environment where you might be speaking with people from all over the world. Learning a new  language is one way you can separate yourself from your job competition. Here are a few other  things to know about marketing yourself in your job search. 



  • Ways to Keep Your Child’s Mind Active During the Summer

    Everybody loves summer.  School is out.  Family vacations are more possible. Kids can play outside, stay up later, sleep in, and have more free time than the hectic school year. Kids enjoy this immensely and so do parents.  However, there is a downside to a carefree summer for kids.  Studies show there is a cost for an inactive mind during the summer.  Young brains that are not stimulated regress and take a step back from reading comprehension, literacy, numeracy, and language acquisition.

  • What Are the Top 12 Quotes about Language of all Time?

    There's no question of the importance of language in the development of our civilization. Because of this, language has been the subject for many of our greatest writers, philosophers, anthropologists and scientists to muse on. With that in mind, we thought it would be fun to take a look at some of our favorite quotes about language, translation and the importance of knowing as many languages as you can. If you're inspired by any of these quotes, please check out one of our language learning programs. We have many different programs, including several online programs, and learning online is easy and fun


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