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Jack Levin

Language is extremely personal. It allows for more intimate communication. It can enhance relationships, becoming more powerful over time.

Initially, my reason for learning Portuguese with Berlitz was to communicate with the family in Brazil of someone very important to me. What at first seemed like a positive gesture turned out to be much more significant. I received great pleasure interacting with someone I care for in her native language and continuing my learning with her.

And as it turned out, I underestimated how warmly my effort would be received by her family. Also,my business colleagues in Brazil have been impressed and supportive. So one expected benefit has turned into many.

In addition to how effective and enjoyable the experience, I was surprised at how relatively inexpensive Berlitz is. The private intensive program I chose cost less than $100 an hour. Nowhere in New York City can you get this high quality training and professionalism for that price. People spend more on their personal trainers.

Berlitz is a name I’ve always known. I have tried interactive on-line language programs, which can be a useful supplement, but they aren’t as engaging, personal, interactive or rigorous as live, one-on-one instruction with a native speaker. With Berlitz, I receive complete attention.

The Berlitz instructors have a lot of depth as people, in addition to their teaching ability. They engage me in a way that is extremely effective.

Jack P. Levin is a former litigator who is now a full-time arbitrator and mediator.


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