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Gabriel Beghi

Studying with Berlitz is a family tradition. To this very day, whenever my mother visits from Paris, she takes a lesson at Berlitz, in Rockefeller Center, New York City. And also, both my brother and stepfather who live in Paris, learn English with Berlitz.

As an interior architect/structural designer, and artist/photographer, my goal is to be fluent in English so that, I can communicate clearly about my work.

I take lessons face-to-face, and love learning with Berlitz. I get absorbed in the learning process and feel that it is absolutely rewarding and it is worth it, for the time I have been spending in New York.

In my experience, with each lesson, I feel more and more confident and understand people who speak to me in English. It’s been amazing for business and has helped me build relationships and make new friends.

The chemistry with my instructor is great. He’s more like a grandfather to me; in addition to understanding my needs as a language student, he has helped me with my several difficult questions or language issues in filling forms
and writing casual letters or notes, and also has helped me with formal applications and inquiries.

Another really interesting thing about how Berlitz truly takes interest in its customers…the student… They have given me several opportunities to express myself through my art and photography exhibitions at their Learning Center in NYC; they have even hosted a grand opening party to kick off the event for my REFLECTIONS exhibition.

I would definitely recommend, in a heartbeat, Berlitz to everyone and anyone who seriously
wants to learn a language.

Born in Paris, France, Gabriel Beghi graduated from L’Institut Supérieur des Arts Appliqués with a degree in architecture and design. Gabriel creates a trompe l’oeil with his REFLECTIONS photography, most of which are architectural and natural, with bursts of color. Gabriel, who lives currently in New York City and is based in France, does not use Photoshop® or any other digital manipulation or modifications of the images exhibited in galleries.


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