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“Learning Mandarin Chinese with my daughters here at Berlitz, has given us an opening to a new world in Asian..."

— Christine Kos
New Jersey


“...With Berlitz, after 5 week I'm already able to read everything in Arabic."

— Teise Clement
Summit, NJ


“Good facility, Teachers are awesome, its very personal, one on one… you really get all done no matter how much you here…"

— Chris Kehoe
Summit, NJ


“...It makes me more easier to get custom here, to be here more comfortable and be more confident.;"

— Fei Sheng
Summit, NJ


“Berlitz is a wonderful program. I’ve been very happy with my experiences...."

— Jeri Schaefer
Princeton, NJ


“I’ve been to a couple other Spanish schools, a couple other language schools, and Berlitz by far, for me, is like number one"

— Anthony Parisi Store Owner / Manager
Ridgewood, NJ


“And the classes aren’t like Spanish in school, that, where you’ll have like 50 million kids..."

— Bailey Mooney, Westport, CT



“there are so many language school in New York, but I can choose Berlitz because the most important thing is the how many students are in the class..."

— Jang Mok Cheon
Screenwriter, South Korea



More Testimonials

  • I want to learn Spanish because I am moving to Colombia and I wanted to be able to understand and talk with people who live there. My experience at Berlitz has been wonderful.

    The people who work there have been extremely understanding in the difficulties of learning a new language. I have been provided with very useful materials that are easy to understand. So far I have used my training to speak with my husband and to teach my 4 year old daughter. She loves learning new words. I would definitely recommend this program and I have already recommended it to my friend who is trying to learn English.


  • I am from Argentina and I come to live here in January 2012 because of my husband's work. I studied English previously in Argentina but studying in Berlitz helped me to adapt better to living in America. Learning in Berlitz is a good experience because all the teachers are very supportive and the staff always willing to help. I definitely would recommend Berlitz to others.

    Berkeley Heights, NJ

  • "When I learned that I would be relocating to French-speaking Switzerland for work, I came to Berlitz with the goal of helping me elevate the level of my oral and written business-French. Within a period of three short months, I gained a level of confidence and comfort speaking French that proved absolutely critical after my arrival.

    My instructor was both patient and persistent, helping me learn important phrases, constructions, and vocabulary that would impress colleagues and clients. The individualized attention of the private classes proved indispensable for my success and the bond I formed with my instructor made the classes not only productive, but fun. Though skeptical about how much I would learn in only three months, I left feeling amazing and reached a moment during the final weeks where everything just "clicked." Now settled into my new position, the notes from my classes, the workbooks, and CDs still come in handy, though I greatly miss the conversation and camaraderie with my instructor."

    Marc Destito
    Washington, District of Columbia

  • "I studied French many years ago in High School. I loved it passionately, and always wanted to pick up my studies again, but 4 children and life kind of got in the way. When my daughter, who is a French major in college, decided to study abroad in Paris, I decided it was time for me to pick up my dusty old dream and take French.

    I turned to Berlitz in Palo Alto, and it was a perfect choice for me. I started the day after my daughter left for Paris. I studied intensely for a year, making several trips to France to tune up my language skills. I adore Berlitz, I adore my French "profs", and my French language skills have developed tremendously. I have worked hard, but have progress through level eight, and enjoyed every minute of it. Now, I have a great feeling of accomplishment, as well as a new and clearer vision of a culture and language that has enriched my life immeasureabley. I love Berlitz, and I love my French. Thanks to Berlitz for bringing such a gift into my life."

    Julie Nelson
    Atherton, CA

  • "I enjoyed so much studying english at Berlitz. My teachers were excellent and the staff also. I could improve my conversation in a confortable place. I recommend Berlitz to other students."

    Marcelo Cerdá

  • "I started taking private Spanish classes at Berlitz when I was 16 years old. On my first day I could barely say hello or introduce myself and was so nervous. To my surprise, after the first couple of sessions, which were really fun, I was able to converse with my teacher and express myself with confidence.

    After spending two years at Berlitz I can say that I am completely fluent and can travel to any Spanish speaking country communicating perfectly with anyone and everyone. I think what made my experience at Berlitz so great was the wonderful teacher who worked with me. She was so much fun and integrated topics that a teenager, like myself, would be interested in discussing. She created a really fun and exciting environment which made every class session something I looked foreword to. Berlitz is staffed with great teachers who want to see you achieve your language goals and they do so by creating a relaxing conversational environment. Today, I continually study Spanish at Berlitz and have enrolled in Mandarin classes. I have no doubt that the Berlitz program will help me to maintain my Spanish fluency and support me in becoming fluent in Mandarin. Berlitz is a great place for anyone who wants to learn and have fun at the same time!"

    Maurae Baker
    Pasadena, California

  • I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for the wonderful Immersion Training experience learning Latin American Spanish that I experienced at Berlitz in Odenton the week of July 25th. My positive experience began with my first call to Betty back in June. From the first contact, I was treated professionally, let warmly, with all my questions answered and all my needs being met.

    When you learned that I needed to reschedule due to a friend's major surgery, you were extremely flexible.  In advance of my arrival, Betty checked dietary restrictions and ensured I had a parking space all week, along with a healthy lunch and sweet treats to keep my energy up.  Maria greeted me warmly day one and met with me every day to ensure that the lessons were progressing according to plan, and provided feedback and encouragement to keep me engaged and motivated.  And every day, each of you and Sarah checked in on the progress of my friend's recovery. My entire week at Berlitz, I felt like more than a client, instead, I felt like an extended family member.

    Both Pamela and Juan were great teachers, with Pamela especially pushing me beyond my comfort level to increase my skills and to provide me with feedback and support every step of the way. They both showed interest in me as a person, not just a client, which helped increase my level of confidence each day.

    While I wasn't unhappy to end my intense week of training, I knew I would miss the family atmosphere that fostered learning and skill building. It was a true pleasure spending a week immersed in Latin American Spanish with all of you, and I hope to have the opportunity to take another class at Berlitz Odenton in the future. I will recommend Berlitz Odenton to others and you should feel free to share this recommendation as you see fit.

    Cheryl W.
    Baltimore, Maryland

  • I started working for a Spanish pharmaceutical company in Los Angeles several years ago and realized very quickly that being able to speak Spanish so that I could participate in meetings in Spanish would be a real advantage.

    I found Berlitz in Pasadena and I found friendly people, professional advice and great teachers. Don't make a mistake: Learning a new language still takes lot of work by yourself, but thanks to a motivating atmosphere and the emphasis on speaking from day one, I did not shy away from the extra homework and I was able to participate in meetings at my work place that were held in Spanish within less than a year. My colleagues would not believe that I had only started to study Spanish when I had started to work for the company.

    I've moved on since to a new professional opportunity, but I still miss my "Berlitz family" and my weekly lessons. And I still try to speak Spanish whenever I have an opportunity.

    Dr. Claus Weisemann
    Durham, Connecticut

  • (The Consultant)... lead the team right into the depths of interaction concerning the country. She peaked their interest and drew them into the conversation right from the start. The information presented and discussed was all very pertinent and current.

    Cultural Consulting Student

  • Although I have been in the US before, I profited from the program by discovering new aspects of living abroad that I was not aware of before.

    Cultural Consulting Student

  • This is an important part of relocation and in my view is a must have. Best course I've ever done!!!!

    Cultural Consulting Student

  • My wife and I are very impressed by the professional training delivered by (the Consultant). She knew both Asian and American culture very well, she was well prepared for the training, she well structured the training, and her presentation is also wonderful. Also approciate the support from (the Country Specialist)..., who generously shared experience on how to search a job in the United States. This training exceeded our expectation, and it deserves a big prize.

    Cultural Consulting Student

  • This program was more than I expected, this is the must for secondees coming from foreign countries to settle in the community.

    Cultural Consulting Student

  • (The Consultant)... did an incredible job of presenting the information to my husband and I! Her personal knowledge of the Chinese culture was absolutely invaluable for us during the training! I would highly recommend her for any other families or individuals relocating to China for this program!

    Cultural Consulting Student

  • My situation was somewhat unique in that I have previously worked in China and am taking an assignment in a small tier 2/3 city in China. (The Consultant)... did a good job rescoping the orientation session to better fit my needs

    Cultural Consulting Student

  • The class was very well designed and flexible to my needs. (The Consultant)...answered all of my questions and provided very good examples. She was very clear and aware of the differences between U.S. and Mexican cultures and made me feel confident to live and work here with my new knowledge. I highly recommend the course and... (Consultant).

    Cultural Consulting Student

  • Highly relevant! This should be required for all folks moving abroad. (The Consultant)... was fantastic - lots of energy, very knowledgeable, and realistic. Really appreciate her candidness and advice.

    Cultural Consulting Student

  • (The Consultant)... was excellent in the presentation of the program, in the listening skills and provided me very good tips. After proactive discussions on the various items, he always went straight to the point and seemed to understand perfectly my needs.

    Cultural Consulting Student

  • Very insightful instructor. She was able to adjust to my specific needs. I was especially surprised by how easily she understood my issues and her advise was spot on.

    Cultural Consulting Student

  • The facilitator did an excellent job adjusting to all of the family members and was able to make to the course information relevant to all including the children.

    Cultural Consulting Student

  • I have only words of praise for the cultural consultant assigned to me and my husband. The material covered and the topics we discussed were very relevant to our move and how we can best deal with it. The consultant was very warm and understanding, yet also very knowledgeable and professional. I left today's meeting feeling encouraged and empowered!

    Cultural Consulting Student

  • Far exceeded our expectations in resourcefullness and coaching. Stress management and personality assessments were espicially helpful in preparing for the move, and our future ex-pat experience.

    Cultural Consulting Student

  • I appreciate the effort that was put into researching my personal learning preference prior to the course. Additionally, being able to talk to real people that have a deep foundation in the culture of the host country was extremely helpful and comforting.

    Cultural Consulting Student

  • (The Consultant).. was fantastic - he added valuable experience & real-life examples to the underlying facts & figures of the program. Ultimately, he began to bridge the cultural gap, by making you more comfortable with your outside surroundings.

    Cultural Consulting Student

  • I would like to highlight the flexibility of the consultant as a very positive aspect of the 2-day session. In fact the consultant was taking my personal interests and requirements into consideration and adjusted the program accordingly. Since I had the benefit of a 1-week business meeting in Shanghai, prior to this course, the consultant and myself were able to reflect on this 1 week experience and had a very detailed "dive" into the cultural aspects which became apparent during my business trip. Very much appreciate the ability to allow for this reflection of this experience. That made the 2 day course extremely interesting and useful for me rather than just having a "standardized" training. This was not a "1-way presentation" type of training, this was real interaction. Top rating for the consultant!

    Cultural Consulting Student

  • I was very satisfied with the results of the Berlitz cultural training session. As a native English speaker (US) I was somewhat skeptical at receiving cultural training for another culture/country who's first language is also English (UK), but after spending time "In-Country" interacting with the people I realized that effective communication entails more than simply opening one's mouth! I was extremely pleased with the professionalism of (the Consultant)... who conducted the training sessions for my wife and myself.

    He not only helped me understand potential cultural difference that affect my business relationships, but also insured that my wife was equally informed about her role (home support teammate) in my/our ISP assignment. His incite, pragmatic attitude, and humor were much appreciated. Instead of feeling like we were at a business seminar, it felt like we had a true friend giving us tips on how to be successful, happy, and healthy in our host country. I highly recommend Berlitz cultural training to any and all ISP business persons regardless if they are on their first or tenth international assignment.

    Cultural Consulting Student

  • "I have nothing but good things to say about Berlitz. The teachers are enthusiastic and the kids are excited to learn. Berlitz is wonderful to work with and we will continue to use them in the future."

    Joan M.
    Rye, New York

  • "The teachers are excellent! The children are more than willing to do their homework. Berlitz is able to tailor a program that meets our children's needs."

    Janet B.
    Park Ridge, NJ

  • "Our Berlitz teacher is a delight. She is prompt, organized, gives great parent updates and is following through. My daughter loves Spanish. She never complains about going and from what I can tell, is learning a lot of Spanish. She also is showing off her skills and has beaten her 8th grade brother in how much she knows. Thanks for your patience with us and congratulations on such a great solution."

    Jackie W.
    Oakland, CA

  • "My son started out taking French with Berlitz at age 5, and he is now taking Mandarin at age 9. He took Mandarin with an after school program previously, but the class was large, and he complained about going. We were afraid he would get turned-off to learning another language. At Berlitz he really benefits from the one-on-one attention, and now he says it's "fun"! As a parent, I am thrilled with the flexible schedule and understanding teachers!"

    Karen, D.
    Pasadena, CA

  • We have been very pleased with Mandarin in the Berlitz program! The teachers are professional and yet pleasant and our children not only enjoy the classes but have also learned a lot! Thank you!

    Gabby A.
    Westport, CT

  • I am from Argentina and I come to live here in January 2012 because of my husband's work. I studied English previously in Argentina but studying in Berlitz helped me to adapt better to living in America. Learning in Berlitz is a good experience because all the teachers are very supportive and the staff always willing to help. I definitely would recommend Berlitz to others.

    Berkeley Heights, NJ

  • I want to learn Spanish because I am moving to Colombia and I wanted to be able to understand and talk with people who live there. My experience at Berlitz has been wonderful. The people who work there have been extremely understanding in the difficulties of learning a new language. I have been provided with very useful materials that are easy to understand. So far I have used my training to speak with my husband and to teach my 4 year old daughter. She loves learning new words. I would definitely recommend this program and I have already recommended it to my friend who is trying to learn English.


  • Hands down the best language training I've received in my life. The methodologies have been well thought-out and each exercise was appropriately planned. This contrasts with the multiple meaningless drills I had to do in high school language classes and even at the university level.

    Berlitz knows that its demographic are typically older, more mature and more importantly, busy. The instructor was incredibly knowledgeable, patient, and very warm toward the students. I never felt uncomfortable. Even though I was in the virtual class, I still felt relatively close to the students due to the small class size. There were five or six of us, total. We were all in different states and had vastly different careers but for an hour and a half Tuesday and Thursday night, we were all learning together.

    I wish I discovered Berlitz earlier! I would recommend this program to anyone. It was worth every penny.

    Now that I'm in São Paulo, Brasil, I definitely rely on what I learned in my level 1 Berlitz class. I wish I had time to take more Berlitz courses but I have been able to get around and navigate the city with just level 1. I've received multiple compliments from the local Brazilians on my pronunciation, so it's always nice to be recognized for your efforts.

    Dean Pham
    UT Grad Studies Intern

  • Wanted to drop a quick line to let you know that my teacher is doing a great job with the Spanish lessons. I believe that my teacher has been able to tailor the lessons to my needs and has done that without making the lessons to cumbersome nor boring. I think I have picked up a lot over the last few weeks and am on the right track. In these busy times we often forget to thank people that help us out - so wanted briefly do that.

    Johan Baeck
    VIP Executive Novartis

  • Having just completed three months of study in the San Francisco office for a trip to France, it was wonderful. Berlitz has some very good people and instructors.

    I was greeted every day and inquired about my progress. They were always extremely warm and sincere and made me feel like I was the only student at Berlitz. There upbeat, positive professional outlook sets the tone for the office. They were also extremely efficient at sending study supplies to my study partner in Los Angeles. Each day as I entered the Berlitz office made me feel appreciated and surrounded by people who cared about their work and keeping me happy while I pursued learning a language. Excellent!

    My instructor is an exceptional teacher. Actually, let me re-phrase that. My instructor is an extraordinary teacher. My instructor was able to quickly pinpoint my weaknesses in French and gently, patiently address them. I have a bit of a "tin ear” to French pronunciation, but my instructor worked tireless with me to hone my skills and improve my understanding of the different sounds of French. My instructor was always on time, smiling, supportive and encouraging. My instructor patience was severely tested with my retention and pronunciation, yet they never showed it. I also observed their respectful, can-do attitude with other staff. They were cooperative with everyone and a pleasure to be around. They personalized my lessons by taking our lessons outside the classroom where I could order food in French, shop for clothes and ask directions. My instructor made French "real" for me, not just textbook lessons. My instructor is an extraordinary teacher, and Berlitz is lucky to have her.

    I will be leaving tomorrow for two weeks in France with my study partner from Los Angeles. I am so excited, but what's more I am confident that I will be able to speak and comprehend a language I hadn't spoken since college.

    I am 66 and half year old -- no spring chicken. My retention is not what it used to be. I don't fool myself but I was determined to make this trip with a working understanding of the language. I got it and so much more. Thank you.

    Berlitz has enriched my three months for learning and will surely enhance the trip I have been dreaming about for so many years. Thank you.



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