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What Are People Saying About Berlitz?

  • Vernice Jones

    “I am so grateful to Berlitz. The rewards of learning a language go way beyond language learning.”
    Vernice Jones, President and Founder, The Leadership Compass Organization, LLC


  • Jack Levin

    “The Berlitz instructors have a lot of depth as people, in  addition to their teaching ability. They engage me in a way that is extremely effective.”
    Jack Levin, Arbitrator and mediator

  • Max Makowski

    “Not only did Berlitz save me  time, it also gave me a return to my investment I am still collecting on. Twenty-two years after my ten-day class I still speak Cantonese.”
    Max Makowski, Film director


  • Gabriel Beghi

    “I would definitely recommend, in a heartbeat, Berlitz to everyone and anyone who seriously wants to learn a language.”
    — Gabriel Beghi, Artist and interior architect

  • Paula Tirapelli

    "It has been amazing having Berlitz as our partner during this long-term assignment in NY. "
    — Paula Tirapelli

  • Carlos Jiménez Macías

    "The method and the system that teachers use are excellent."
    — Carlos Jiménez Macías, Consulate General of Mexico in Chicago

  • Jennifer Lee

    “I’ve set a goal for myself that when I return to Italy with Frozen 2, I want to be able to speak about the film in Italian.”
    Jennifer Lee, Director, Frozen

  • Lisa Donneson

    “Now I can call Paris my adopted city and live there as a ‘temporary resident,’ instead of feeling like a tourist.”
    Lisa Donneson, Photographer Founder, Bouquet Wines


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