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Berlitz CyberTeachers Plus

Telephone Language InstructionTelephone instruction can be added to any English, French, Spanish, German or Italian CyberTeachers program. CyberTeachers Plus combines telephone instruction with a license for CyberTeachers, enabling  you to learn a new language even more effectively and with faster results. Enjoy the benefits of this blended learning option and combine personal instruction over the phone with the web-based learning platform around the clock. With the addition of Telephone Instruction by Berlitz, CyberTeachers Plus is ideally suited for anyone who would like to learn a language flexibly and independent of location, but at the same time wants to enjoy the personal contact with a language instructor. Telephone instruction takes place via a landline connection or Skype™ – your instructor calls you, wherever you happen to be. CyberTeachers Plus is available in 3, 6 or 12 month subscriptions.

CyberTeachers Plus offers:

  • Individually customized language instruction over the phone (30 minute increments) with a personal language instructor.
  • An interactive booking and rescheduling platform that is available online 7 days a week, 24 hours a day.
  • Integrated learning content – phone lessons and e-supported self-directed lessons
  • Language tools, such as Speech Trainer, Speed Memorizer, dictionary, translator, writing assistants, role-play activities and more.
  • A virtual blackboard which instructors and learners can use to communicate during the lesson and exchange information.
  • Emergency sessions, bookable with 30 minutes notice for ad hoc support when preparing for language related situations.
  • Feedback by means of a Lesson Report after every telephone lesson with assignments for the next session.

CyberTeachers Plus Technical Requirements

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